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Mayee Memoir

Mayee Memoir

Title: Mayee Memoir: A journey of a village boy from Maharashtra to the science corridors of the world

Authors: Dr CD Mayee

Languages: English & Marathi

Published by: South Asia Biotechnology Centre (SABC), New Delhi/Jodhpur, Rajasthan (17th July 2021)

ISBN No.: 978-93-5493-041-6

Cite as: Mayee, C.D., 2021. Mayee Memoir: A journey of a village boy from Maharashtra to the science corridors of the world, South Asia Biotechnology Centre (SABC), New Delhi.

Hardcover: 124 pages

About book:

“Mayee Memoir” is the reminiscence of the journey of Dr. Charudatta Digambarrao Mayee from a tiny village in Maharashtra to the science corridors of the world. The book “Mayee Memoir” is not just an autobiography, but it contains short stories of life changing events, anecdotes, experiences, and the remarkable lessons captured in twelve chapters divided into myriad short stories. The book “Mayee Memoir” is penned down in both English and Marathi. The Marathi version is titled as “मायी काही आठवणी : महाराष्ट्रा तील एका छोट्या गावातील मुलाचा जागतिक विज्ञान जगतापर्यंतचा विलक्षण प्रवास”.

Book release on 17th July 2021:

South Asia Biotechnology Centre (SABC), Mayee family & Agrovision Foundation cordially invite to DR CD MAYEE’S 75TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION & BOOK RELEASE FUNCTION

Date & Time: Jul 17, 2021 @05:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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Meeting ID: 874 2909 0567

Passcode: 1234

Table of Contents


  • The long walk…


  • Shirt Tale
  • A family of 36 members
  • Principled position
  • Inspiration and customs
  • Villagers' support
  • Of apparels and sweets


  • Sunny side up
  • Education and discipline
  • Festivals galore
  • Education and sports
  • The ground rules
  • Anxiety over my results
  • My precious slippers
  • The language barrier


  • The turning point
  • Hema of Akola
  • Plant protection
  • Taxing times
  • Private job
  • My first salary
  • Meeting agriculture stalwarts
  • New job, old clothes
  • Food for thought
  • Competitive examinations
  • I followed my heart


  • My calling
  • Marathi manoos
  • Macher jhol and I!
  • Forthright views
  • In Pakistan without a passport
  • The Sialkot saga
  • Tragedy in the family
  • Ford Foundation
  • My first flight
  • Friends and family
  • Vanishing ethics


  • The ideal job
  • Marriage proposal
  • Much in love
  • Punjabi tadka
  • And some more…
  • Youngest professor


  • Back to the roots
  • Why I wept?
  • Screen entertainment
  • Wife’s strong support


  • Turning the tide
  • Classic mindsets
  • Memories I cherish
  • How time flies
  • Cotton connect
  • Making Parbhani proud
  • Students and friends
  • Centre of excellence


  • First foreign trip
  • For country’s sake
  • Family time
  • Bond with students
  • Of logistics and logics
  • Back in India
  • From student to principal
  • Research projects


  • The advent of technology
  • Accidental Vice Chancellor
  • Resisting pressures
  • Mammoth projects
  • Induction into biotechnology


  • End of VC term
  • My years at CICR
  • First GM crop
  • Boosting technology
  • Life comes full circle
  • Bt cotton in India
  • Farmers’ demand


  • Delhi once again
  • Red light zone
  • Association with Shri Sharad Pawarji
  • Chairman of ASRB
  • Weird instruction
  • Lessons to learn
  • Comic account
  • Post-retirement


  • Uniting with new minds
  • The Biotechnology Centre
  • International feats
  • Present assignments
  • Scientific campaigns
  • Farmers Engagement
  • Other associations
  • Hobbies
  • Social vision
  • Pay it forward